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Art has been a passion of mine through out my life. I have played in many creative forms from
three dimensional art to painting, drawing and coloring.

Intentional Energy Art is created with setting an intention before I start the piece. Sometimes
the art dictates to me what its intention is or I am guided to create certain images.
Many times healing energy is charged into the piece as I am creating.

Color is a powerful healing tool within itself. Color supports our well being on many
levels. Color, like Art, invokes several different emotions from feelings of happiness,
joy, and sense of a connection to the Divine or sadness, heaviness, depending on our
personal association with a color or that particular piece of Art. Much of this depends
and how the Art interacts with us at any given moment. There is a lot of information
on the internet about Color. Color is healing, just like art, and supports our souls.
I invite you to discover what colors make you happy.

Color is connected to the energy centers we each have in our bodies known as Chakra's.
Each of these energy centers are associated with a color. Looking at or
wearing certain colors supports your Well Being.

In time I will place some information on this site as to how color can support the different
area’s and aspects of your life based on your Astrology Chart.

For now, enjoy my creations. They are or will be available in different formats. Many of
the original pieces were created with specific intentions, those will be noted.

Each card or print is hand embellished with metallic pens and glitter.
Images below and on the following pages do not show the embellishing.
Each card is embellished as directed by the guides.
Each card is individually signed by the artist.

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